Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Part 3 Feel the Fear

Sourcing the root cause beliefs behind your fears and dealing with those,
many of your fears will DISAPPEAR!

This is because your beliefs create your reality.

The problem is, so many of our beliefs go unacknowledged and
remain as falsely accepted assumptions about 'the way life is'.

Yet the way life is, is a reflection of these beliefs!

Your fears are one way of discovering what some of those beliefs are!

Fear is something we so often run from or repress, and yet none the
less negatively impacts our lives, the choices we make, how we behave, etc.

Our fears hold us back, often without realizing that's what's happening.

Fear can also lure your focus to what you don't want, where you start
paying attention to negative possibilities and scenarios, rather than
those you do want.

Some fears are buried and repressed, be it the fear of loss, commitment,
intimacy, betrayal, heartbreak, death, loneliness, and so on, yet may be
shaping your choices and decisions all the same.

Fear can keep you from shining, from being authentic, giving and receiving,
from success, expressing your true self, and reaching for and living your
brightest dreams.

Rather than run from your fears, stand and wipe the mirror instead!

What you will see is a beautiful loving person staring back at you.
That being is YOU!

And that person is a powerful creator!

You can create a happy love and joy-filled life।

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