Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 More Ways to Promote Your Web Site.

1. Holding a contest or sweepstakes is an proven way to promote your web site. You can announce your site to hundreds of web sites that list free contests and sweepstakes. Send out a press releases about your contest or sweepstakes. Ask entrants to your contest or sweepstakes if they would accept offers from your business in the future by e-mail.

2. Use online chat rooms to promote your web site.Find the right chat room where your targeted audience would gather. Announce to everyone in the chat room something interesting or free that's offered on your web site. This will draw visitors to your web site.Always be aware of chat room rules before engaging the visitors in a sales pitch that could be considered spam.

3. Cross promote your web site with other sites. I try to find other web sites. that have the same target audience, but are not in direct competition with my business.

4. You can easily promote your web site by using traffic generators. It could be a free e-zine, service, e-book, contest etc. Giving away traffic generators gives you the opportunity to get free advertising by including your ad on them. There are online directories that will also let you submit your freebie information. You can even let other people give away your traffic generators.

5. Posting messages to e-mail discussion lists is a great way to promote your web site An e-mail discussion list is a group of people connected together via e-mail that can communicate with one another. When you post a message to a list include your signature file at the end.Include an attention getting sentence why they should visit your web site.businesses increases your profits, sales, and beat your competition.You can find businesses to cross promote all over the Internet.

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