Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 Tips For Writing A Good Ad

1. Publish a picture of yourself in your ad. This will
show people that you're not hiding behind your web
site and you're not afraid to backup your product.

2. List how many famous or respected people have
purchased your product in your ad. These people
should be fairly known by your target audience.

3. Publish the results of any tests your product has
passed in your ad. Your product may have passed
a durability test, safety test, quality test, etc.

4. Publish the results of any positive surveys you've
taken from your customers in your ad. Just survey
your current customers and list the results.

5. List any publications that have written about your
business in your ad. It could be a product review,
on a top ten list, an article, etc.

6. List any related books that you've written in your
ad. When you list a book(s) you've wrote, it gives
you credibility because it shows you're an expert.

7. Have a professional looking web site to publish
your ad on. When people visit your site and it looks
unprofessional, they'll relate that to your product.

8. Publish any endorsements from famous people in
your ad. Some people will think if a famous person,
enjoys your product, so will they.

9. Use a money back guarantee in your ad. This
will remove the risk from your potential customers
and show them that you stand behind your product.

10. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers in
your ad. The testimonials should include specific
and believable results you customers have received.

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