Monday, May 21, 2012

Goal setting is essential to helping you get ahead. YOU can
achieve more in life.

Rosalie and James here from
Winners and achievers use goal setting to accomplish more in life.
Who do you admire that is successful, copy and learn from them
how to give your life direction and focus, make your dreams and
goals a reality. There is no better time than now to start. Use the
power of the mind and decisive thinking to support you on the path
to success and achievement. See how this will boost your self esteem
and allow you to make a real impact in your life.
Let’s look at how will goal setting in your life help you to achieve
In simple terms it means that:
 You will think more about what you want and what you want to do
 You will decide what is important for you to achieve
 It will help remove what is irrelevant and help you focus
 Doing this will help motivate you by showing you what you really
 You will be able to act with greater confidence
 You will be able to utilize your talents and strengths
 You will grow and develop as your success increases
Then by following established goal setting methods and techniques you will,
step by step, achieve your personal goals and targets.
What questions have you got?
What do you want to know?
 I've never set a goal in my life but I've done all right, so how can
this help me? 
 Why is setting goals so important?
 Where does my self confidence fit into this?
 What are the steps to setting goals?
 Is there a simple format I can use?
 What are 'SMART' goals and how would they help me?
 What are Specific goals?
 What are Measurable goals
 What are Attainable goals
 What are Realistic goals
 What are Timely goals
 Ok I’m ready to start how can I be motivated to setting goals?
Over the next couple of days we will address these questions and all will
become clear.

Thanks for your time today,
We appreciate you and we'll see you again soon.
Have a fantastic day!

To Your Success,

Rosalie and James

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