Monday, September 10, 2012

Get Internet Success!
If you have an internet home business and your own website it is recommended to promote it online and get more traffic. There are many free ways to promote your website online, and believe or not the free methods are as avail as those that cost money. Here is a list of 7 free internet home business promotion ideas you can use:

1. Grow your link popularity. Submit your website url to link and SEO directories. Start with directories with high page rank, most directories are free, and don't ask for a reciprocal link. Building link popularity is free and the easy way to promote your website online.

2. Use forum marketing. Forums are there to help you promote your business. Search and find forums related to your business and join the conversation. You will find valuable information on these forums and also be able to help other with your experience. In time you will build a name for your business and eventually increase the traffic to your site.

Use the forum signature option to promote your business in the forums, insert a catchy text and link it to your website.

3. Find friends and be friendly. Friends are important in every aspect of your life, online and offline. Being friendly to other business owners will help you when it comes to promoting your home business. You can find friends on forums and social media sites.

4. Article marketing. Article marketing is known to be one of the best and most effective internet marketing tools available today. Writing articles on topics related to your online business and submitting them to article directories is a tool to build your credibility and establish you name as an expert in your field, additionally it will also help you achieve step number one: building link popularity.

5. Tell people about your website. Use the proven method of word to mouth. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone you know about your website.

6. Banner advertising. Create a banner for your website with free banner creating programs, or use banner you already have if you are an affiliate marketer. Ask other website owners to advertise your banner on their website and in exchange you advertise their banner on yours.

7. Set up an opt-in page, and offer a free online training course. People who sign up to your course will receive it to their email, and are growing your list of future customers.

One good way to promote your free course is using free traffic exchange engines, and offer an incentive in return for joining your course, a free report or a software.

You see? If you have your own internet home business you don't have to pay money to promote it. Following the steps mentioned in this article and using these 7 free internet home business promotion ideas you are guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website and it is all free.
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