Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Give Away An Electronic Info Product.

1. Give Away An Electronic Information Product

The product could be a simple report posted on your Web
site or autoresponder to a downloadable e-book. The
information product should relate to your target audience. Just
place your advertisement somewhere on the product. Allow
other people to give away the information product to attract
even more customers.

2. Offer Free Consulting Via E-mail

Allow potential customers to ask you specific questions
relating to the subject of your business. Giving away free advice
can show your prospects your expertise and give you instant
credibility. Another benefit is when you e-mail them back the
free advice or information include your signature file to get free

3. Hold A Free Chat Room Seminar

People go to seminars to learn about a particular subject.
With chat rooms you don't need to fear public speaking or
spend money to rent out a seminar room. You can use your
own chat room or hold the seminar in someone elses.
Holding a chat room seminar is an incredible way to get free
publicity. Just send a press release to the media announcing
your free seminar.

4. Start A Free-To-Join Club

Having people join your club is a creative way to attract
new customers. People want to belong to something, why
not your online club. The club should be related to your
product or service. You could give away a free e-mail
newsletter for club members only. Have a members only
message board, e-mail discussion group or chat room. Post
your advertisements on all the club information.

5. Provide Your Product Or Service For Almost Free

Tell potential customers you'll accept barter deals for your
products or services. You may not be getting money but they
will become your customers. If they are satisfied they might
pay money the next time they make a purchase. Barter for
things to improve your business or your own personal life.

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