Friday, March 22, 2013

It is often a dream for many to be their own boss. Whether the goal is to earn enough money to supplement a full-time income or to replace a full-time income altogether, side-businesses are viable options. An online home business can be operated with very low overheads and can be quite fulfilling and profitable.
Creating a store on an online auction site is still a profitable business to run from home. However, research should be done to determine which types of products are highly sought after. For instance, a storage unit full of high value antiques will sell better to an antiques dealer, but brand new products obtained via a wholesale re-seller will sell well on an auction site if listing prices undercut larger retailers. If auction sites do not appeal but a sales-oriented business does, a combination of blogging and affiliate marketing may be a better option.

Find books, music, toys, clothing, software, services and other marketable items online that have affiliate programs attached to them and sign up for the program. Start a blog or use an existing one and begin to write reviews of products and services and include the related affiliate link in the post somewhere, so readers can buy it if they are inclined to do so. Readers can often tell when a so-called review has been written by someone who hasn’t used the product or service being featured. Greater success with affiliate sales will happen when the writer has clearly tried the product and is measuring it against certain criteria.
Freelancing is another profitable option for a viable online home based business, and it isn’t just for writers anymore. Any skill can be marketable. For instance, people who can program cell phone apps and games are in high demand right now. People that are good at painting portraits from pictures of people and animals can make quite a bit of money selling that service online. Graphic artists and photo editors can sell those services, as well. Accountants, bookkeepers, web designers, payroll experts and any other profession that requires nothing more than a computer and a skill to work is doable at home.
While it is true that any of these skills and business ideas can be used to supplement or replace a full-time income, it is necessary to be realistic about the transition from working for someone else. Putting up a website selling a service is one of the essential steps, but another important step that cannot be skipped is marketing. Optimize sales pages for search engines; list the business in directories and post services and products via social media. Success may not be immediate but it is possible.

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