Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Than One Income.

Diversification is the key to securing your online income.  Here we take a look at the importance of diversification and some areas of your business where you can branch out.
As with most things in life the saying: “do not put all your eggs in one basket”, also applies to anyone earning online.

The internet is a very fast moving environment and changing all the time.  Technology is advancing at such a rapid speed that it can be near impossible to keep up with all the changes.   This is why it is so important to diversify in as many areas of your online activities that you can, so that you can safeguard your income whenever changes occur that affect you negatively.
Here are some areas where you can diversify:
Create more than one website.  It is a good idea, once you have your first website up and running and generating income to create another site in a totally different niche.  In other words, do not rely on one website for your income.
Diversify your marketing methods. When you first start out it is recommend that you choose one marketing method, master it and then move on to the next, and so on.  You want to create a variety of different methods to drive traffic to your website.  Never rely on one method and do not rely solely on organic search engine traffic.
It is important to not rely on one search engine for your traffic.  Most people focus on getting high rankings in Google only and when their site is affected negatively by an algorithm change and their rankings drop, so does their income.  Aim to get high rankings in all the top search engines.
Diversify your link building methods.  This is important so that you get a balanced link profile and the search engines can see that you have a wide variety of links pointing to your site from many different sites and domains.
Focus on generating traffic from places other than the search engines.  Social media is a big source of targeted traffic.  Other methods you can use are the traffic exchanges, classified advertising and solo ezine ads.
Build your own list with your own good quality autoresponder This is really important and one good way to secure your income.  Having a large list of active and responsive subscribers is a sure fire way of generating income quickly.  Consistently providing your subscribers with useful information builds trust and will guarantee sales for you when you recommend products to them.
Offer a variety of products.  Don’t just rely on selling products where you get paid once.  Aim to earn from multiple income streams. Consider joining residual income programs so that you continue to get paid in the future for the effort you put in today.  Should your sales for once-off products take a dip then at least you can be assured of still receiving your residual income checks.
The importance of diversification cannot be stressed enough in order to secure your income online.  The above are some areas where you can diversify and my advice is to keep looking for other ways to branch out, so that you are offering a variety of products, using different methods to build your business as well as utilizing many sources to drive traffic to your websites.
If you are looking for ways to diversify, my home page offers a selection of proven residual income opportunities and my internet marketing training guide lists a variety of ways to market a business on the internet.

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