Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Five More Ideas

How would you like to get paid to write online? If you would like to make extra income this is one way that you can quickly get started doing it. Because there are so many different ways to make money writing we will give you a few tips on how to do that and you can pick one from this list.

1. Start your own blog in a niche you have an interest in. There are a couple of benefits to this.

First of all you can monetize your blog with affiliate products. Every time somebody purchases a product, or performs a specific action, you can make money.
This is a fun way to get started because you get to choose a blog around something that interests you or perhaps something you have a passion for. You will be more likely to stick with it because it is something you enjoy.
The second reason to do this you can use your blog as examples of your work. If you want to get paid to write online for other Internet marketers they will want to see examples of your writing style. Your blog can serve this purpose.

2. Start a blog writing business. Millions of blogs need content and blog owners will pay you to write it for them.
A good blog writer is in demand and you can supplement your income very nicely. You can also turn this into a full time income as your client base grows.
Getting paid as a blog writer is very easy to do. All you need is a Pay Pal account that people can send money to. This is a very good way to develop instant income because you constantly have money coming into your Pay Pal account.

3. Write articles and post them on sites that will pay you for them such as Associated Content. As you develop a large body of work you will earn money on a consistent basis when people read your articles. There are people earning four figure incomes on a monthly basis in residual income from the articles they have already written.

4. Start a writing business and hire writers. For example article marketing is in big demand. Internet business owners need articles to promote their businesses with.
You could sell your writing service and pay writers to write the content. You keep the difference between the sale price and what you are paying to the writers as your own profit.

5.  You could join a opportunity where you get paid to write short articles, make blog posts, proofread simple documents, review movie scripts and more.
These are several ways you get paid to write online. You will find this is an excellent way to make extra incomeand can even turn into a full time income as well.

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