Monday, June 18, 2012

Four Steps To Success 
by John Colanzi
What is success?
For the business owner, success is defined as "the 
achievement of wealth and fame".
For many, wealth and fame remain only dreams, but there 
is a four step formula that will allow anyone who truly 
desires success to reach their dreams.
Step # 1. Know your product or service
Before you begin promoting your product or service, you 
must learn everything about it. You must know the 
benefits inside and out.
Don't become a modern day snake oil salesmen by 
promoting something you know nothing about. Your 
reputation and credibility are on the line.
Promoting something just for the money is a sure fire 
way to damage your reputation and lose a customer for 
Promote only products or services you truly believe 
in and know something about. 
Step #2 Set Goals
Your goal is your roadmap to success. Without goals 
you wander aimlessly. Until you've sat down and 
committed your goals to writing, you are doing nothing 
more than daydreaming.
Make your goal big enough to get you excited, but 
not so big that you don't believe you can achieve it.
Remember the formula: 
Conceiving + Believing = Achieving
Step #3
Make a plan for reaching your goal. A goal is important, 
but to accomplish your goal you must have a plan of 
Your plan must be detailed enough to help you reach your 
goal, but flexible enough to allow for modifications as 
circumstances warrant.
We all operate from incomplete knowledge, so once we 
begin our journey, we must be prepared to make changes 
as our knowledge increases.
Step # 4
Put your plan into action. Without taking action, your 
goal will remain a daydream.
Once you start moving in the direction of your goals, 
you'll find your goals will meet you half way.
Once your plan is in place, you must begin to act 
immediately. Remember an object in motion tends to 
remain in motion.
Start moving today.
These four steps may seem simple, but follow them and 
they'll take you anywhere you want to go.
Warm regards, Rosalie 

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