Saturday, December 10, 2011

Knowing how to set and achieve goals is without doubt one of
the most valuable skills you can develop during your lifetime.
Without goals you end up leading a very different kind of life,
often filled with ongoing boredom and dissatisfaction.

Setting goals that encourage you to stretch and become greater
in every area of your life, on the other hand, leads to increased
satisfaction and achievement in both your professional and
personal endeavours.

Of course, it’s not just the setting of goals that is important,
is it? You’ve probably set thousands of goals throughout your
lifetime. How many of them have you followed through and achieved?

Sadly, many people achieve only a fraction of the goals they set
for themselves.

Why is that? Are they lacking in strength and willpower? Do
they choose the wrong goals, or simply not have the determination
to see them through?

Surprisingly, most often the culprit is the lack of a clear, achievable
plan. You see, effective goal-setting is simply a skill! It can be
learned – even if you’ve never had success setting and achieving
goals in the past. The problem for many people is that they have
never been shown how to set themselves up for success – so they encounter
obstacles and eventually give up before they ever achieve their goals.
Does this describe your previous experiences with goal-setting too?

Understand one thing: your previous “failures” have nothing to do
with your capabilities, strength, or potential. You simply didn’t
have the right tools and mind-set to succeed at the time.

You had the right destination in mind, but someone gave you the
wrong map!

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