Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wow what a day! I've finished all my Christmas shopping, nothing to do
till Christmas day. The icing on the cake is that my book as just arrived
back from Bob my proof reading friend.

Did I say I had nothing to do? Well, now I find that my book needs some
work doing to it before it can be made into an e-book. The corrections
should take me about a week then back to the proof reader for a last look.

Now I'm getting excited, yes I've missed my November the 30th deadline.
However, I’m hoping that the New Year will be a better time to launch it.

It will mean the journey for me and my book will finally be coming to a
close and a new adventure can take place. It as been a journey that I have
enjoyed immensely, it as taken me quiet a while to write mainly because
as well a writing my book I’ve built a website ready to start my next

From an offline business to an online business is going to be my next
journey and I know now it is not going to be easy. The journey of my
e-book is not over and I hope it never will be, it will be the start
of my offline business. Learning new skills on how to sell my e-book is
my next challenge. I’m looking forward to my new challenge in the New Year.

If you have not visited our website yet here is the address

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